Sansar Darshan

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Shri Digamber Jain Shantinath Atishay Kshetra, Ramtek (Near Nagpur)

Sansar Darshan[1] is a beautiful parable and visualizes our current worldly situation.

One businessman went out to sea with a shipful of goods. But fate was such that during night a hurricane came across, with high waves, wind and black clouds. He got scared of the dangerous situation he was in. With continuous big waves and rain, the ship couldn't take the beating and broke down. The businessman almost went unconscious.

Morning time. It was lucky for him that he was able to reach ashore with help of a wooden board. His body regained some strength with the sunlight. Who am I? where am I? What work I do ? For what reasons has he left home? All of this he forgot when he got conscious. He didn't even realize he got a new life. He got himself up and took to a direction, looking for help. Suddenly behind him he heard extremely loud animal shouting, he turned his head and saw a black,big elephant charging at him. He started shouting and running, help me god! help me god! How good it would be if he remembered god's name when the times were good, but now he has no hope except to run. He ran with all his might but elephant got very close to him. He gave all hope and thought that he would die now.

Suddenly a godly voice said "because you have taken lord's name, your call wont get unanswered" , instantly he found himself facing a huge banyan tree. He ran to the tree and climbed up the branches.

Elephant got really mad, and since businessman went up the tree, elephant started shaking the tree. Businessman got scared again, he didn't have any options. He started thinking that no-one can save him now, God! Will i leave this world without seeing anything and eating anything?! Godly voice said "Lord's name doesn't go empty, lift your head and look" He looked up and saw a bee's nest, dripping with honey. He opened his mouth to take taste and lost his ability to think, such was the sweetness of honey drops. He forgot elephant still shaking the tree and also forgot to take gods name. Only thing he could think of was taking taste of one more honey drop.

He couldn't see, but the lord was watching. Oh, what a poor state that man is in. Look the elephant is below trying to uproot the tree while two mouse,one white other black, sitting on the branch are cutting the very branch the man is hanging on. Below the man are four pythons ready to eat him if he falls down. Pythons seems like are just waiting when the branch would get cut and they would be fed. These 4 Pythons have been eating people like this since ages as the person forgets himself in the sweet honey and falls into the python's mouth. It has been like this for ages so why not today.

Tree shook harder,the bees left their nest and started surrounding the businessman and started biting him. He shouted "Lord save me!" then another drop of honey fell into his mouth and he forgot all the pain. He became happy after losing himself in the honey, but lord was watching and he couldn't bear the condition of this person. He came out and said to the man "Look at your condition, the elephant is trying to kill you, pythons will eat you if you fall and those 2 mouse will make sure your branch will be cut, and all the bees are stinging you. Still you are lost in the honey and are happy! this is very surprising! Open your eyes and come with me ,there is still time. I can help you, do not wait."

But,how can those words reach the man when he is so immersed in sweet drops. He says "just one more drop lord, then i'll come". Lord's voice came "Come please come" but to no avail. Third time also the lord reached out to call him but the same reply came. Next time lord tried to take him by reaching out his hand, but the man hit the hand and said "Go do your own work. Do not disturb me". Lord went away, soon the man went to the pythons and ended his life.

An interesting story, but do you know that this is the story of your and my life!! You laugh at the man's stupidity,but you should have laughed at yourself atleast one time.

For time eternal, we have been taking differnt lives, facing these problems and not realizing the lords voice. We take birth, go from young to adult, get married start earning money and continue living this way. We get engrossed in life's options, joys and frustrations. The tree is our worldly life(grahasth), with the branch depicting our age.Big elephant is the passing time, which is trying to shake us. The mouse are day and night, they continuously cut away our age. Those 4 pythons are 4 gatis - hell, animal,man and heaven, in their grasp i've been going to forever. Only listening to guru's or lord's voice can take us out of this cycle. The bees are your wife,son and family ; from their grief,uneasiness and pain sometimes we cry "lord save me". The sweet honey drops are the temporary happines we find in daily life, which keeps us blind from the fact that we die, age and suffer grief. Sometimes lord's name does provide relief, but the cycle doesn't end.

How long will you be blinded by this temporary happiness given by your senses. Take hold of the way shown by the guru's and lord to find permanent happiness.

  1. Translated in english from Shanti path pradarshan by Jinendra Varni. Translated by Dhiraj Soni