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24 Tirthankars Simplified List

1	Rishabhdev /or Adinath
2	Ajitnath
3	Sambhavnath
4	Abhinandannath
5	Sumatinath
6	Padmaprabh
7	Suparshawanath
8	Chandraprabh
9	Pushpdant
10	Sheetalnath
11	Shriyansnath
12	Vaasupujya
13	Vimalnath
14	Anantnath
15	Dharamnath
16	Shantinath
17	Kunthunath
18	Arahnath
19	Mallinath
20	MuniSuvratnath
21	Naminath
22	Neminath
23	Parshwanath
24	Mahavir

24 Tirthankars Detailed Table

24 Tirthankars Names
1 Rishabhdev​
2 Ajitnath​
3 Sambhavnath​
4 Abhinandannath​
5 Sumatinath​
6 Padmaprabh​
7 Suparshawanath​
8 Chandraprabh​
9 Pushpdant​
10 Sheetalnath​
11 Shriyansnath​
12 Vaasupujya​
13 Vimalnath​
14 Anantnath​
15 Dharamnath​
16 Shantinath​
17 Kunthunath​
18 Arahnath​
19 Mallinath​
20 MuniSuvratnath​
21 Naminath​
22 Neminath​
23 Parshwanath​
24 Mahavir
Place of Birth Date of Birth Father Mother Date of Nirvana Place of Nirvana Sign Cause of Vairagya Date of birth in Y2000 Date of Nirvana in Y2000 Color Age
Ayodhya (UP) Chaitra Krishna 9th Shri Nabhiraiji Marudevi Magh Krishna 14th Kailash Parwat Bull Nilanjana Death 29th March 4th Feb Golden 84,00,000 Purva
Ayodhya (UP) Magh Shukla 10th Jita Satru Vijaya-Devi Chaitra Shukla 5th Mount Parasnath Elephant Ulkapat 15th Feb 9th April Golden 72,00,000 Purva
Sravasti Kartik Sukla 15th Jitari Sena Chaitra Shukla 6th Samet Sikhar Horse Megh 23rd Nov 10th April Golden 60,00,000 Purva
Ayodhya (UP) Magh Sukla 12th Samvara Siddhartha Baisakh Shukla 6th Samet Sikhar Monkey Gandharva nagar 16th Feb 9th May Golden 50,00,000 Purva
Ayodhya (UP) Shrawan Sukla 2nd Megh-Prabha Sumangala Chaitra Shukla 11th Samet Sikhar Curlew Jati smaran 1st August 14th April Golden 40,00,000 Purva
Kausambhi Kartik Krishna 13th Dharana (Sidhara) Susima Falgun Krishna 14th Samet Sikhar Red Lotus Jati smaran 25th OCT 23th Feb Red 30,00,000 Purva
Kasi (Banaras) Jyeshth Shukla 12th Supratishtha Prithvi Falgun Krishna 7th Samet Sikhar Svastika Falling of leaves 13th June 26th Feb. Golden 20,00,000 Purva
Chandrapuri Paush Krishna 11th Mahasena Lakshmana Falgun Shukla 7th Samet Sikhar Crescent Tadit 2nd March 12th March White 10,00,000 Purva
Kakandi Mangsir Shukla 1st Sugriva Rama (Supriya) Bhadon Shukla 8th Samet Sikhar Dolphin ulka 8th Dec 6th Aug White 2,00,000 Purva
Bhadrikapuri Magh Krishna 12th Dridharatha Sunanda Ashwin Shukla 8th Samet Sikhar kalpavraksh-Wishing Tree himnash 2nd Feb 5th Oct Golden 1,00,000 Purva
Simhapuri Falgun Krishna 11th Vishnu Vishnudri (Vishna) Shrawan Shukla 15th Samet Sikhar Garuda Falling of leaves 1st March 15th Aug Golden 84,00,000 Years
Champapuri Falgun Krishna 14th Vasupujya Vijaya (jaya) Bhadon Shukla 14th Champapuri Mandargiri Buffalo Jati smaran 5th March 12TH SEP Red 72,00,000 Years
Kampilya Magh Shukla 4th Kritvarman Suramya(Syama) Asadh Krishna 8th Mount Parasnath Boar megh 9th FEB 25th JUN Golden 60,00,000 Years
Ayodhya Jyeshth Krishna 12th Simhasena Sarvavasa Chaitra Krishna 15th Mount Parasnath Bear ulka pat 30th May 4th April Golden 40,00,000 Years
Ratnapuri Magh Shukla 13th Bhanu Suvrata Jyeshth Shukla 4th Mount Parasnath Vajardanda ulka pat 17th Feb 5th June Golden 10,00,000 Years
Hastinapura Jyeshth Krishna 4th Visvasena Acira Jyeshth Krishna 14th Mount Parasnath Deer Jati smaran 22nd May 2nd June Golden 1,00,000 Years
Hastinapura Baisakh Shukla 1st Surya(Sura) Sri-Devi Baisakh Shukla 1st Mount Parasnath He goat Jati smaran 5th May 5th May Golden 95,000 Years
Hastinapura Mangsir Shukla 10th Sudarsana Mitra(Devi) Chaitra Krishna 15th Mount Parasnath Fish Megh 18th Dec 4th April Golden 84,000 Years
Mithilapuri Mangsir Shukla 11th Kumbha Rakshita Chaitra Krishna 15th Mount Parasnath Waterpot Tadit 19th Dec 4th April Blue 55,000 Years
Kusagranagara Baisakh krishna 12th Sumitra Padmavati Falgun Badi 12th Mount Parasnath Tortoise Jati smaran 1st May 2nd March Black 30,000 Years
Mithilapuri(Mathura) Asadh Krishna10th Vijaya Vapra(Vipra) Baisakh Krishna 14th Mount Parasnath Blue Lotus Jati smaran 27th June 3rd May Golden 10,000 Years
Sauripura (Dvaraka) Shrawan Shukla 6th Samudravijaya Sivadevi Asadh Shukla 7th Mount Girnar Conch Jati smaran 5th Aug 7th July Black 1,000 Years
Kasi(Banaras) Paush Krishna 11th Asvasena Vama Shrawan Shukla 7th Mount Parasnath Serpent Jati smaran 2nd March 6th Aug Blue 100 Years
Kundapura Chaitra Shukla 13th Siddharatha Priyakarni (Trishala) Chaitra Shukla 13th Pava Puri (BIHAR) Lion Jati smaran 16th April 27th Oct Golden 72 Years


Jains celebrate five major events in the life of a Tirthankar. They are called Kalyanak[1] (auspicious events). They are:

  1. Garbha-(Chyavana) Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul departs from its last life, and is conceived in the mother’s womb.
  2. Janma Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul is born.
  3. Diksha Kalyanak - This is the event when the Tirthankar's soul gives up all his/her worldly possessions and becames a monk/nun. (Digambar sect does not believe that women can become Tirthankar or be liberated.)
  4. Kevaljnana Kalyanak - This is event when Tirthankar’s soul destroys the four ghati karmas completely and attains the Kevaljnana (absolute knowledge). Celestial angels set Samavsaran for Tirthankars from where he/she delivers the first sermon. This is the most important event for the entire Jain order as the Tirthankar reinstates Jain Sangh and preaches the Jain path of purification and liberation.
  5. Nirvana Kalyanak - This event is when a Tirthankar’s soul is liberated from this worldly physical existence forever and becomes a Siddha. On this day, the Tirthankar’s soul destroys the four aghati karmas completely, and attains salvation, the state of eternal bliss.

There are other significant events also in the final life of a Tirthankars. When a Tirthankar’s soul is conceived, his/her mother has fourteen dreams (some texts mention sixteen dreams). A Tirthankar’s soul, while even in mother’s womb, has three types of knowledge, namely Matijnan, Shrutjnan, and Avadhijnan. One year before the time of renunciation, a group of celestial angels come to pay homage to the future Tirthankar. They remind him/her that the time to renounce the world is arriving. When a Tirthankar renounces the worldly life, he attains Manahparyavjnan, the fourth type of the knowledge, which enables him/her to know people’s thoughts.