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Jain Samaj of Colorado (JSOC) http://www.jainsamajofcolorado.org: Combining JAIN aspirations…Locally

  • "The group consists of members who are interested in Jainism and are living in colorado."

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About JSOC

Jain Samaj of Colorado (JSOC) is a non-profit organization encouraging doctrine and practices of Jainism. JSOC started through wishes and social gatherings of few families in Colorado, in 199x?. Over a period of time, JSOC has now grown to be a Jain model guild and an organized group in Colorado. JSOC participates actively in the education and provides prospects for practice of principles of Jainism.

Even though JSOC has only been established in the early nineties, its roots extend thousands of years into India's past. As 21st century approaches, it is a very happy reality that many Jains monks (sanyasis) and other devotees have come forward making an unified effort to revive the true spirit of the Jainism. Let us dwell for a moment on the many advantages such an association has to offer to all of us.

Through the active participation and volunteering in the Samaj as well as the prominent members in other local social and community organizations, JSOC has gained recognition as one of the prominent organization in the Colorado Indian community. Samaj members provide discourses and lead learning and practice of the Jain philosophy. Samaj has a set of books, audio and video tapes for self-learning for the members. JSOC members gather once every month to learn and share their ideas of Jainism. There are many rituals performed that serve as one of the many dimensions of seeking the "self"-accompanied by chanting and singing of devotional hymns, in deep reverence of the TIRTHANKARAS (Jain Gods). Kids enjoy their Jain Study Groups, while adults get involved into deeper understandings of Jain beliefs. The youth group takes active part and provides leadership to the national YJA (Young Jain Association).

The objectives of JSOC are the unity of feeling and social communion among the Jain members. JSOC tries to obey Jainism principles of justice and right. Members of JSOC have banded themselves together to improve their minds and hearts, and seek to aid each other through a constant affection always given in love.

JSOC has grown from its initial membership of 5-7 families to around 30 - 35 families(85 members) at present. JSOC is the organization representing all the Jains in Colorado irrespective of their language and traditions. It has provided a forum to foster friendship and unity among all Jains of Colorado.

JSOC comes under the umbrella of JAINA which is the Federation of Jain Associations in Northern America. To be a part of JAINA, JSOC has to provide JAINA with an annual membership fee of 500$ . The membership fees are due on 1st June. Till now JSOC has been able to pay this membership with the generous donations of our Samaj members. However this could cause last minute trouble for people who are involved in the collection process. To avoid this, JSOC is requesting every family of the Samaj to contribute 50$ (or more if desired) towards the "Jain Samaj of Colorado". The money will go towards JAINA membership and JSOC publicity which is essentially required for our recognition in the JAINA umbrella.

Families who do not wish to contribute for this cause, should still continue to join our monthly events. Please do not let this membership be a barrier in joining our monthly bhavnas

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