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The term Jainism means faith of a Jaina, and is derived from the word Jina which means the conqueror or the victorious. Jina means who conquers the five senses, destroys all the karmas, and attains Omniscience or Sarvajnahood. The person who performs tapas or yoga attains such a self-realization and omniscient knowledge or kevala jnana. After attaining self-realization and omniscience, the Jina spends the rest of his time in preaching the Dharma to the mass of human beings, which would enable the ordinary mortals to reach summum bonum of life. Because of this noble task of showing the path of spiritual realization or Moksamarga, Jina is also called Tirthankara.
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AnimateNiyams Mini.jpg
Animate Niyams is a Wheel of Niyams(VOWS) which you can take daily. Taking vows should help you improve your mental strength, reduce passions and avoid violence. No penalty for breaking vows is stipulated, so you can freely choose. You can download the .jar directly and double clicking will run on your computer. You'd need Java8 for this to run though. Please download it from Animate Niyams for Small Screens or For Large Screens
Sansar Darshan is a beautiful parable and visualizes our current worldly situation. One businessman went out to sea with a shipful of goods. But fate was such that during night a hurricane came across, with high waves, wind and black clouds. He got scared of the dangerous situation he was in. With continuous big waves and rain, the ship couldn't take the beating and broke down. The businessman almost went unconscious. more...
Bhagwan Mahavir : Journey from Animal to Perfect Soul (Hindi) Article by Dr RatanChand Bharilla

A Child's Quest To Find His "Purpose of Life" Book by Akhil Jain

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